Score card

How to fill in the score card


A number of players have had trouble filling in the score sheet for the Dorset doubles league. Here’s a guide to help you with what needs to go where.



The first five spaces – Date, League, Division, Home Team and Visiting Team speak for themselves, so you should have no trouble there.


Next the player’s names need to go in. In the example below, the home team section is highlighted in blue, and the visiting team in yellow. The number 1 teams go first, then the number two’s. There should be 2 names in each box. In this example we’ve put “Home Team 1, Player 1” etc.



In the match the first round is the number 1’s against 1’s and number 2’s against 2’s, and then in the second round the number 1’s each play against the other team’s number 2’s. On the example below, the results of the 1’s v 1’s goes in the grey section, 2’s v 2’s in the pink section, home 1’s v away 2’s in the gold area and the home 2’s v away 1’s in the light green.

In the “Won By” box you should put “H” if it’s a win for the home team, or “V” if the visitors have won.

In the next two boxes you should put the games won in each of the sets for home then away, up to 3 numbers in each box.

The final two boxes are for the sets scored by each team.





Add the totals of the 8 columns into the highlighted boxes.



Fill in the rest of the sections.

We’ve put “Team 1, Player 1” etc but you’ll put the players’ names instead.

For the example below we are using these fictitious results..