Club Tournaments

  • 2018 Christmas Doubles

Current tournament winners


Mid Summer doubles tournament 2018


The 2018 mid summer doubles tournament was won by Alastair and Roger, who beat Michael and Pam in the final.


Christmas doubles tournament 2018


The 2018 Christmas doubles tournament was won by Lloyd  and Alastair, and the runners up were Tom and Chris.



About the tournaments


Club singles tournament


Each year around October the club holds a singles tournament which is played over about three weeks. It is usually played on a knockout basis, although depending on the number of entrants, the first round may be played under a different format.

Once the draw is made, players arrange the matches with each other at a time to suit them, and play a best of three sets match with a championship tie break played as a third set if one set each is won.

Trophies are awarded to all finalists.


Club doubles tournaments


Two doubles tournaments are held each year, one in mid summer, the other at Christmas. One is held on a Saturday afternoon, the other on a Wednesday evening, over about two to three hours.

Teams are selected as balanced pairings, and are placed in one of two groups, playing all other teams in that group over a set time, usually about fifteen minutes. The top two teams in each group progress to a semi final.

Trophies are awarded to all finalists.


Junior tournaments

There are currently no junior tournaments.



2019 Tournaments


Mid Summer doubles tournament
Wednesday, 26th June, 6 pm – 8 pm


Club singles tournament


Christmas doubles tournament