Box League

The club holds a box league singles competition which runs all through the year.


Each round lasts about 2 months, and each player gets to play all other players in the same division, up to 5 matches per round. At the end of the round, the 2 players who come top in each division gain promotion to the division above, while the 2 players who come last move down to the division below.
Entry is free, and is available for Winton Tennis Club members only. If you wish to be included in the box league, please contact Chris. Full rules can be viewed here.


*Please note this competition is not connected with the box league run by Matt Cole for the Tennis In The Park members. Our league is only for members of Winton Tennis Club, and is free to join.*


Current box league round


The current round of the box league will run until the end of March. Please send your results to as you play your matches, or send them in all together at the end of the round.



Current boxes


Division 1

Linda Z


Division 2

Linda V




View results from the previous round

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