Box League Results


January – April 2019


Here are the positions in which the players finished in their divisions in the last round of the box league according to the results received. These positions decide which players move up or down a division for the next round.



Division 1


1 Chris – 1 win, 4 played

2┬áDesmond – 1 win, 1 played

3 Linda Z – 1 win, 1 played

4 John – 1 win, 1 played, move down

5 Dianne – 0 wins, 1 played – move down



Chris, Des, Linda and John all had 1 win, but Chris comes first as he played the most matches. Des comes ahead of Linda as he lost fewer games in his match, and John comes 4th as he lost a set in his match.

Two returning players, Brice and George will be filling the spaces left by the 2 players who have moved down, they go into this box as they were previously in the top division most recently.



Division 2


1 Rasa – 0 wins, 0 played – move down

2 Jae – 0 wins, 0 played – move down

3 Linda V – 0 wins, 0 played – move down

4 Alicia – 0 wins, 0 played – move down

5 Jack – 0 wins, 0 played – move down



No matches were played in this division this round, so no-one moves up. This is currently the lowest division in the league, but as a third division will be included in the next round, all players in this box will be in the third division next round.

Returning player Luis and new players Phil and Syed will join the 2 players moving down from box 1.




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